Annual Report 2020

Product / Print Design

Demerara Distillers Limited (DDL) is one of Guyana’s leading beverage manufacturers and is most notably known for the production of Eldorado Rum.

Every year, DDL produces its annual report as well as a large-scale meeting for its shareholders. I was tasked as a lead designer to develop the annual report as well as digital and print media for the event.

This project was completed in collaboration with Cecil Lampley.

Client: Demerara Distillers Limited

Service: Print / Product Design

The first task that needed to be tackled was proposing the theme of the annual report. Sketches were made for the 3 proposed :

Ampersand – This would symbolize the inclusion of all the different subsidiaries into one entire company, especially launching a new product; Sanitizer, this year.

A Deeper Commitment – This highlights the environmental growth and changes of the company over the years.

Vision – The ability to see both the present state as well as the future. This theme highlights the ability to look ahead and adapt to the future.

Ampersand Sketches

Vision and A Deeper Commitment Sketches

The theme Vision was Chosen and given a subclass on which elements were to be based on, Where Foresight Meets Hindsight.

The design was centered around a vector design created symbolizing an eye, with arrow elements pointing to and from, symbolizing both foresight and hindsight. These arrows were also used as subconscious directors for the reader to allow a clean flow of hierarchy.

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Ticket and Envelope Design

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