The Presidential Standard

Brand Identity Design

The Presidential Standard for the 9th President of the Cooperative Republic of Guyana envisions the future of Guyana under the leadership of His Excellency President Mohamed Irfaan Ali.

The Presidential is the symbol which represents the values and efforts of the current President Elect. It is showcased outside of his Presidential Office.

Client: The Office of the President

Service: Brand Identity Design

The headpiece of the standard embodies this vision as it symbolizes the six people of Guyana coming together as a united force and as a nation reaching towards the sky in the form of a tree growing from one plant. The Jaguar signifies the President of Guyana as a leader and a visionary who carries the people of Guyana on his shoulders.

The belt at the bottom of the standard symbolizes the future of Guyana relying not only on part of its resources but also keeping in mind the agricultural and mineral industries with rice and sugar and the mineral resources like gold and diamond mining remaining paramount for Guyana’s development into the future.

Together with the oil and gas sector represented by the drop of oil on the other side of the belt and the cables for technology symbolizes the growth of the country into the technological era.

The impact of technology on Guyana will see the country making significant strides in all sectors and under this current president we will see Guyana making strides for further economic growth.