Reid N Learn

Brand Identity Design, UI / UX

Read n Learn is a newly founded brand under the company Reid’s Learning Institute.  Their goal is to create a platform in which users can have resources available to use to push them forward to accomplishing their goals. The owner, Geary Reid used this to publish over 30 books.

There was no logo or form of branding, nor an idea of the company direction and demographic. The client requested for the brand to feel casual, friendly, but clean in look. He emphasized the importance of education and learning in his brand however did not want to feel premium. This project’s timeline was 13 days. It included the design process and UX research tools to clearly define the brand and direction. 

Client: Reid N Learn

Service: Brand Identity Design

Process and Plan

After a few meetings with the client, all the information and goals were compressed into a proposal document, highlighting the action and research plan as well as their initial requests, inclusive of ways to improve.

Persona Creation



Colors & Material

Matted Blue


Reid Blue


Green Splash


Orange Twist


Ideas Presented

Selected Logo